Diversity & Inclusion

Shearman & Sterling's Response to Recent Events

In light of recent global events, and in particular the events in Charlottesville, Virginia and their aftermath, we believe it is important now, more than ever, to reaffirm our commitment to diversity, inclusion and tolerance, as fundamental guiding principles.

At Shearman & Sterling, we encourage our lawyers and business services professionals to use their diverse backgrounds – of different cultures, ethnicities, religions, orientations and gender identities – to add to the collective strength of the firm, as an inclusive institution where all people are valued, accepted and treated with respect.

As members of the legal community and society as a whole, we reject racism, hateful actions and speech that incites either one. In response to recent somber events, we look forward to expanded collaborations with colleagues, clients and organizations around the globe that help us to promote equality and oppose intolerance and oppression.

The Fabric of Shearman & Sterling

At Shearman & Sterling, diversity is not simply a philosophy; it is about who we are and how we do business, both with our clients and with each other. We strongly believe that diversity in perspectives, backgrounds and experiences enhances the quality of our work and augments our lives, and we are resolute in our mission to continue to weave difference into the fabric of the firm.

We have determined that diversity is the best, most effective way of conducting business in today's global marketplace. Multifaceted and multicultural differences encourage new ideas and fresh viewpoints and foster a creative problem-solving environment, which supports our collaborative approach in the workplace. Moreover, they allow us to meet the full spectrum of our clients' needs and demands, especially as the firm maintains and advances its global footprint.

Shearman & Sterling's professionals form a remarkable mosaic of backgrounds, cultures, generations, ethnicities, races and sexual orientations. Their unique perspectives generate a firm culture that is both innovative and open. The results are tangible: better work product and a better work environment.

Our commitment to attracting, retaining and advancing a diverse population of top lawyers and administrative staff ensures that Shearman & Sterling will have the strongest possible platform from which to address its clients' increasingly complex legal matters and concerns.



Key Contact(s)

Jessica Maroney Shillito
Director, Global Diversity
& Inclusion
+1 212 848 7420
jessica.shillito shearman.com

Evelyn Molina
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
+1 212 848 5021
evelyn.molina shearman.com

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