Diversity & Inclusion


Black Lawyers Aligned in the Quest for Excellence (BLAQUE) focuses on mentoring, networking, and professional development initiatives to support the recruitment and advancement of Black attorneys.

The group works closely with campus law student organizations, hosts a variety of workshops, seminars and events for our associates and summer associate classes, cultivates community and pipeline outreach through mentorship, and supports a variety of pro bono projects.

BLAQUE-inspired initiatives have included advising high school students in the Youth About Business leadership training program, participation in the firm’s Legal Outreach program, fundraising efforts for Haiti relief after the earthquake of January 2010, and on-campus law school recruiting initiatives.


Key Contact(s)

Jessica Maroney Shillito
Director, Global Diversity
& Inclusion
+1 212 848 7420
jessica.shillito shearman.com

Evelyn Molina
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
+1 212 848 5021
evelyn.molina shearman.com

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