Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members

Partners/Of Counsel

  • Paula Howell Anderson – Partner, Litigation, New York  
  • John J. Cannon III (Co-Chair) – Partner, Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits, New York
  • Denise M. Grant (Co-Chair) – Partner, Project Development & Finance, New York
  • Jonathan L. Greenblatt – Partner, Litigation, Washington, DC
  • Lisa L. Jacobs – Partner, Capital Markets, New York
  • Jeanne C. Olivier – Partner, Finance, New York
  • Robert C. Treuhold – Partner, Capital Markets, New York


  • AVALANCHE Representatives
  • Bay Area Diversity Representatives
  • BLAQUE Representatives
  • LAPD Representatives
  • Sterling Pride Representatives
  • WISER Representatives

Inclusion Networks 

Building diverse and inclusive networks that promote leadership, mentorship, and professional development

AVALANCHE (Association of Various Asia-interested Lawyers Aligned for Non-discrimination, Community, Honor and Excellence)

BAD (Bay Area Diversity Group)

BLAQUE (Black Lawyers Aligned in the Quest for Excellence)

LAPD (The Latin American Professional Development Group)

Sterling Pride (with a focus on the LGBT community)

WISER (Women's Initiative for Success, Excellence and Retention)


Key Contact(s)

Jessica Maroney Shillito
Director, Global Diversity
& Inclusion
+1 212 848 7420
jessica.shillito shearman.com

Evelyn Molina
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
+1 212 848 5021
evelyn.molina shearman.com

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