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Sterling Pride

Sterling Pride provides leadership and support for an inclusive and respectful environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleagues. Serving as a catalyst for candid dialogue on issues of concern to the LGBT community, Sterling Pride hosts group discussions, has created a network with LGBT groups at other firms and institutions, and assists the firm in its efforts to recruit and support LGBT professionals. The group sponsors seminars for members, holds luncheons and other informal events and hosts events during national Pride Week.

Sterling Pride is also a leading participant and sponsor of the firm’s pro bono partnership with the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, to assist transgendered individuals with name changes, and Lambda Legal.

Sterling Pride produced a five-minute video that has been posted to the “It Gets Better” project website. The “It Gets Better” campaign was conceived by noted writer and media pundit Dan Savage as a platform for adult LGBT individuals and supporters everywhere to share with LGBT youth messages on why and how "it gets better."

The five-minute video features statements from a number of the firm's partners and associates, as well as administrative staff, who stress that "it gets better, you can make it better and all of us can make it better together.”

View the Sterling Pride “It Gets Better” video.

View news on the “It Gets Better” video.


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Jessica Maroney Shillito
Director, Global Diversity
& Inclusion
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Evelyn Molina
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
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