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The Women’s Initiative for Success, Excellence and Retention (WISER) emphasizes mentorship, professional development, and awareness for lawyers across offices and practice groups. Monthly meetings focus on promoting a supportive environment and programming includes the “Spotlight on Partners” series and the “Spotlight on Alumni,” series which features alumni as guest speakers who share experiences and dialogue with group members. WISER has successfully established a professional network and has earned a reputation for mentoring and developing relationships within and outside the firm. The group frequently sponsors a variety of workshops, seminars and other engaging events for firm lawyers and clients.

WISER is actively engaged in community outreach efforts and has formed WISER Giving to conduct charitable gift drives and other community service activities. Communication to members across the firm is advanced through weekly “Wise-Up” alerts to keep members informed of recent news articles, events and updates on matters of interest to members within the firm and the greater legal and business communities. WISER hosts several events throughout the year, such as seminars on “Anniversary of the Meltdown—Women Leading on the Road to Recovery” and “Women Leading in the Boardroom: Governance Strategies in a New Era of Oversight” for clients and colleagues.

WISER London

WISER London utilizes the mission and strategy of WISER with an emphasis and focus on the London business and legal communities.


Key Contact(s)

Jessica Maroney Shillito
Director, Global Diversity
& Inclusion
+1 212 848 7420
jessica.shillito shearman.com

Evelyn Molina
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
+1 212 848 5021
evelyn.molina shearman.com

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