Diversity & Inclusion


WISER ASIA's mission is to support and empower the women attorneys in the firm's Asian offices to "lean in" to their ambitions by actively fostering and enhancing their business, professional and personal development. WISER ASIA will serve as a platform to connect the Asia offices at the firm in order to foster the open exchange of ideas, experience and mutual support with the objective of giving women attorneys the practical skills and encouragement that they need to reach their full potential to become leaders of the firm and in their communities.

Inspired by the Lean In educational movement, WISER ASIA will organize educational events on topics such as leadership & management, negotiation strategies, the power of body language, and business development techniques tailored for women. WISER ASIA will also organize several activities throughout the year including client and alumni events featuring high-level women panelists that will discuss subjects centered on female leadership in a particular area of interest. WISER ASIA will also strive to enhance the firm's commitment to pro bono by organizing and participating in work that for advocates women worldwide and gives back to our communities.

WISER ASIA will encourage and facilitate mentoring, networking, education, business development, and other career-enhancing opportunities.


Key Contact(s)

Jessica Maroney Shillito
Director, Global Diversity
& Inclusion
+1 212 848 7420
jessica.shillito shearman.com

Evelyn Molina
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
+1 212 848 5021
evelyn.molina shearman.com

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