Robbins Interviewed by Corporate Crime Reporter on West Coast White Collar Work

7 Nov 2013

Bay Area Litigation partner Patrick Robbins was the subject of an extensive interview in Corporate Crime Reporter regarding West Coast white collar work and, in particular, the recent acquittal of an AU Optronics (AUO) executive after a federal criminal trial in which Robbins was co-counsel.

The article notes how uncommon it is for individuals facing criminal antitrust prosecutions to choose to go to trial against the Department of Justice and, moreover, how rare it is for an individual to actually win. In the interview, Robbins talks about the AUO executive’s trial and DOJ’s approach to criminal antitrust investigations and prosecutions, as well as DOJ’s enforcement programs involving securities fraud and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The interview also covers the differences between East Coast and West Coast white collar practices, and the Shearman & Sterling San Francisco office’s role as a bridge to Asia. Robbins notes that “where you sit isn’t nearly as important as the resources you bring” to a multi-national white collar matter. For Shearman & Sterling, those resources are global: “Because of my firm and its reach, when a matter comes up in Asia, I have the ability to deploy lawyers and investigators in the relevant country who speak the language, who understand the documents, the company and the culture. And I am able to do that—and my colleagues at Shearman are able to do that—from anywhere in the world, taking advantage of the resources that we have. So, in that sense, in conducting internal investigations, it doesn't matter where you sit. It's your team and resources that matter.”

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