Negative Allegations Seminar

8 Sep 2017
Partner Brian Burke (New York/Shanghai-Litigation), along with KPMG’s forensic partner, co-hosted a seminar at the KPMG Training Center in Hong Kong on September 8, 2017.

The partners shared their insights on the actions that a listed company should take when attacked by negative allegations, both from the perspective of legal positioning and anti-fraud investigation and control enhancements. The seminar addressed practical methods to follow and key takeaways from real-life cases, including the following topics:

• Determining a strategic course of action and response plan when negative allegations arise
• Managing the regulator: whether and when to disclose to regulator(s)
• Managing the public: when, how and what to disclose to investors and the public
• Fact-finding and investigation phases
• Preventing recurrence of the same situation
o Review of the design and operating effectiveness of anti-fraud controls
o Early detection of risks and disputes
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