Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards 2018 Nominations

9 Jan 2018
Various partners and associates of the Antitrust and Litigation teams have been nominated for the Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards 2018.  

Jessica Delbaum, David Higbee, Djordje Petkoski, Wayne Dale Collins and Arjun Chandran are nominated for the article on “The FTC’s Challenge of Red Ventures–Bankrate: Antitrust Risks in Deals Backed by Private Equity Minority Shareholders;” Geert Goeteyn, Elvira Aliende Rodriguez, Susanna Charlwood, Jo Rickard and Ruba Noorali are nominated for the article on “The English High Court Rules in Favour of Air Cargo Defendants Regarding Temporal Scope of Claimants’ Claims;” Matthew Readings, Geert Goeteyn, Elvira Aliende Rodriguez and Ruba Noorali are nominated for the article on “Icap v. Commission: General Court Upholds Cartel Liability of Facilitators, but Attempts to Rein in Commission’s Approach in Settlements;” and James Webber and George Milton are nominated for the article on “EU Court Decides EU Merger Control Can Only Catch Joint Control Transactions If the Resulting Entity Is ‘Full-Function’.”  

You can nominate and read the full articles in the links below:
Jessica Delbaum, David Higbee, Djordje Petkoski, Wayne Dale Collins and Arjun Chandran: http://awards.concurrences.com/articles-awards/business-articles-awards/article/the-ftc-s-challenge-of-red-ventures-bankrate-antitrust-risks-in-deals-backed-by
Geert Goeteyn, Elvira Aliende, Susanna Charlwood, Jo Rickard and Ruba Noorali: http://awards.concurrences.com/articles-awards/business-articles-awards/article/the-english-high-court-rules-in-favour-of-air-cargo-defendants-regarding
Matthew Readings, Geert Goeteyn, Elvira Aliende, Ruba Noorali: http://awards.concurrences.com/articles-awards/business-articles-awards/article/icap-v-commission-general-court-upholds-cartel-liability-of-facilitators-but 
James Webber, George Milton: http://awards.concurrences.com/articles-awards/business-articles-awards/article/eu-court-decides-eu-merger-control-can-only-catch-joint-control-transactions-if 

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