24 Apr 2017

Video Series: Serrato on Connected Cars and Data Privacy

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Counsel Jeewon Serrato takes a 360o look at the data privacy implications of connected cars. In the four videos below, she examines how the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy provides a framework for thinking about data privacy in connected cars; the challenges of regulation and jurisdiction in a global privacy context; insurance and liability concerns and how self-driving cars will change the transportation landscape.

Thinking Through the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy 

One of the biggest challenges in implementing the seven privacy principles noted in the FAVP is closely coordinating all members of the connected cars ecosystem – from the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to the suppliers and third parties – so that privacy and security systems will be embedded from the beginning of the design process.

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The Challenges of Regulation and Jurisdiction in a Global Privacy Framework

With the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into effect in 2018, manufacturers and suppliers in the connected cars ecosystem – both within Europe and in other countries who could be handling European data – need to consider how they will comply with the jurisdictional overlap and varying requirements of data protection regulations around the world. 

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Insurance and Liability

How risk and liability will be determined in the connected cars landscape is an open-ended question for consumers and the insurance industry – with regulatory agencies arguing that software behind a self-driving car can be deemed the “driver”, the ultimate responsibility for accidents and liability is up for debate.

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Self-Driving Cars and the Changing Transportation Landscape

Self-driving cars – the next step in the connected cars universe – will change not only how we interact with transportation, but with cities, parking, shopping malls, hotels and other aspects of the urban landscape. Consumers are putting car manufacturers to the test – surveys show that in addition to vehicle safety, questions of privacy and cybersecurity prevail.

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