30 Nov 2017

Barney Reynolds authors The Art of the No Deal – How Best to Navigate Brexit for Financial Services

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Partner Barnabas Reynolds, head of the global Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory Group, has published his third book on Brexit with Politeia, The Art of the No Deal - How Best to Navigate Brexit for Financial Services, which sets out how financial services firms can prepare for the fallback of an attractive no deal alternative outcome to ensure that they are in a position to continue profitably servicing financial business across the EU from London whatever happens.

The book outlines the steps that financial services firms should take now to avoid the expense of moving operations out of the U.K., taking advantage of various techniques within the law to minimize moves. These will allow businesses to prepare for the different contingencies and to provide EU customers with the benefits of the cheapest possible access to capital from the global financial center in this time zone, whatever the Brexit outcome.

These steps include:  

  • Maximizing the use of international law protections from any cliff edge
  • Utilizing reverse solicitation, the insurance trust, agency, indirect clearing, customers' U.K. subsidiaries and other structures which avoid the necessity for moves
  • Treating the EU like any other jurisdiction around the world in doing business there
  • Having confidence in and placing reliance upon the rule of law 

*published by Politeia