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Selected Recent Accolades and Rankings

  • Chambers Global 2016 – International Arbitration (Global) 
    “Head of international arbitration Emmanuel Gaillard is seen as a ‘leader in the market,’ and frequently advises corporate clients, sovereigns and state-owned entities, with a focus on energy, construction joint venture and investment treaty disputes. Interviewees highlight him for his ‘decades-long experience in international arbitration. He combines strong academic expertise with a huge practice - he really stands out.’”.
  • Chambers Global 2016 – International Arbitration (Global)
    “Excellent international arbitration offering in both commercial and investment treaty disputes. Team of stellar individuals with expertise in the fields of energy and natural resources, as well as construction and IP disputes. Especially strong in New York and Paris and across Africa. ‘In Paris they are at the top of the market, and the London team is growing - it is hard to find a chink in the armour of their international arbitration practice.’ ‘It is one of the strongest investment treaty practices there is.’ ‘They are really excellent in international arbitration.’”
  • Chambers Global 2016 – International Arbitration (Europe-wide)
    “Practice head Emmanuel Gaillard is universally held in the highest esteem by all market commentators, being described as ‘an absolute superstar’ who ‘continues to attract the big cases.’ He leads the team on its most important commercial and BIT mandates, representing high-profile multinational clients, states and investors alike. Impressed sources identify him as ‘a brilliant strategist and technician who represents the client with zeal and thoroughness.’”
  • Chambers Global 2016 – International Arbitration (Europe-wide)
    “Renowned and sizeable practice with a dominant position in the French international arbitration market. Acts for states and state-owned companies, as well as prominent investors, in some of the largest investment treaty disputes, notably involving African and Middle Eastern parties. Represents prestigious international clients in strategically significant commercial arbitrations, including major cross-jurisdictional disputes in the energy, telecoms and construction sectors.  ‘An impressive team with a strategic view of matters and an excellent knowledge of arbitration processes.’ ‘Always available for whatever we need, and able to develop arguments and strategies to handle extremely complex matters.’”
  • Chambers Global 2016 – International Arbitration (Africa-wide)
    “Widely regarded as ‘a superstar and very skilled gentleman’, Emmanuel Gaillard is well known as an outstanding international arbitrator. He is based in Paris and maintains particular expertise in Algerian disputes, representing both the state and parastatal entities in energy and investment treaty arbitrations.”
  • Chambers Global 2016 – International Arbitration (Africa-wide)
    “Leading international arbitration practice widely respected for its standout capabilities across francophone and North Africa. Particular strength in arbitrations in Egypt and Algeria and in disputes concerning the oil and gas sector.”
  • Chambers Global 2016 – International Arbitration (France)
    “‘An extremely respected practitioner, considered one of the best specialists in the world of arbitration,’ Emmanuel Gaillard's name is pre-eminent in the French market and renowned internationally. ‘A brilliant strategist and technician, who represents the client with zeal and thoroughness,’ he represents companies, states and state-owned entities with a particular focus on the investment, energy and corporate sectors. He has notable experience in disputes arising in the CEE region and Russia.”
  • Chambers Global 2015 – Public International Law (Global)
    “Expert team in Paris supported by practitioners in London and the USA which commands a sizeable presence in global investment treaty disputes. Advises both respondents and claimants in a number of regions, with especially deep knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as oil sector disputes. Also active on a range of internationally significant human rights-related mandates. ‘A force to be reckoned with - contributing to the intellectual leadership in international arbitration.’ Emmanuel Gaillard is a leading light in the international arbitration sphere who is very active on a number of investor-state disputes, including in representations for states. Sources characterise him as ‘absolutely brilliant - an extremely highly regarded academic in the field of investment treaty arbitration.’ He is based in Paris.”
  • Chambers Global 2015 – International Arbitration (Global)
    Head of the firm's international arbitration practice Emmanuel Gaillard is hailed by sources as ‘one of the gods of international arbitration.’ Based in Paris, he is active across Europe and Africa and represents companies in the energy sector as well as sovereign states.
  • Chambers Global 2015 – International Arbitration (Global)
    Leading the charge in Europe, ably assisted by excellent teams in Latin America, Africa and the USA. With considerable expertise in both PIL and commercial, energy and investment arbitration, the firm is well placed to advise on some of the most complex, high-profile and precedent-setting matters across a wide range of jurisdictions. ‘A very experienced group, spread out geographically with lawyers in various offices working seamlessly together. We were very impressed.’ Succeeded on behalf of the majority shareholders of Yukos Oil in three arbitrations brought against Russia following the expropriation of their investment in the company. The USD[50] billion final award renders this arbitration the largest to date. Represented Egyptian Natural Gas and Egyptian General Petroleum in disputes emanating from the termination of an agreement to export Egyptian gas to Israel. The ICC and CRCICA arbitrations combined are worth over USD6 billion.
  • Chambers Global 2015 – International Arbitration (Europe-wide)
    Emmanuel Gaillard is revered as ‘one of the gods of international arbitration.’ Based in Paris, he commands tremendous respect throughout the continent and wins enthusiastic praise from interviewees. ‘He's really the best – his ability to make strategic decisions and present them to the client is impressive.’ He acts as counsel and arbitrator with particular experience of energy, investment and M&A disputes.
  • Chambers Global 2015 – International Arbitration (Europe-wide)
    Distinguished team undertaking high-value and politically sensitive arbitrations from its Paris stronghold. Acts for states, companies and state-owned entities in commercial, energy and investment treaty arbitrations under all the major arbitral bodies. Construction and shareholder disputes also feature strongly. ‘The case management was really impeccable, as were the strategy and planning on very complex parallel proceedings. The firm has had some tremendous, eye-popping successes. Successfully represented the majority shareholders in the former Yukos Oil in winning USD50 billion in damages from Russia for illegally dismantling the company and appropriating its assets. This is the largest arbitral award ever.
  • Chambers Global 2015 – International Arbitration (Africa-wide)
    Market commentators are unanimous in their praise for Emmanuel Gaillard, whom they regard as ‘one of the best international arbitration practitioners.’ He led the firm's representation of Algeria and is very active in North Africa generally. He heads the firm's international arbitration practice from the Paris office.
  • Chambers Global 2015 – International Arbitration (Africa-wide)
    Widely recognised for its outstanding international arbitration offering and activity in North Africa. Acts for governments and state-owned entities in the energy, oil and gas, and telecoms sectors. Frequently sought after for its experience of handling major bilateral investment treaty (BIT) and commercial arbitrations. ‘No question: it's a top arbitration practice.’ Acted for the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria on USD16 billion and USD5 billion BIT arbitrations brought by Orascom Telecom and Weather Investments II, respectively, relating to the operation of telecoms company Djezzy. Represented Egyptian state-owned entities in a couple of investor-state arbitrations arising from the termination of a long-term supply agreement involving the export of gas from Egypt to Israel.
  • Chambers Global 2015 – International Arbitration (France)
    Seasoned practitioner Emmanuel Gaillard receives widespread praise from peers and clients alike, with sources agreeing he is ‘impressive through and through.’ He heads the firm's international arbitration practice and has long-standing expertise in both commercial and investment treaty arbitrations. ‘He's really the best - his ability to make strategic decisions and present them is fantastic,’ enthuse clients. He is also experienced in advising on arbitrations involving Russian companies.
  • Chambers Global 2015 – Public International Law (Global)
    A sought-after PIL group with deep expertise in a broad range of advisory and contentious PIL matters. Predominantly recognised for its well-established investment treaty dispute practice, as well as ably handling Energy Charter Treaty cases and advising on international sanction developments. Strengths: ‘They have a very strong practice, mostly in investment treaty arbitration.’ ‘A firm with a very strong investor-state practice.’  ‘Extremely impressive.’ Paris-based partner Emmanuel Gaillard has a highly regarded commercial arbitration practice, as well as a strong PIL practice which predominantly focuses on investment treaty disputes. He is recognised by peers as an 'outstanding practitioner' in this area.
  • The American Lawyer
    Litigator of the Week (July 31, 2014), for US$ 50 billion arbitral award on behalf of the majority shareholders of the former Yukos Oil Company against the Russian Federation (July 18, 2014)
  • Chambers Global 2014 – International Arbitration (Global)
    Paris-based Emmanuel Gaillard is a star practitioner, widely admired for his ‘fantastic record’ in this field. He is experienced in both commercial and investor-state disputes across a range of sectors including oil and gas, mining and IP. He is also frequently sought after as an arbitrator and leads the firm’s international arbitration practice.
  • Chambers Global 2014 – International Arbitration (Global)
    US firm widely recognised for its exceptional strength in Paris, attracting some of the largest international arbitration mandates from sovereign states and investors. Additional expertise in the construction industry, regularly handling multibillion-dollar disputes across the world. . . Strengths: Technical ability. ‘Very good expertise and knowledge of international arbitration.'
  • Chambers Global 2014 – International Arbitration (Europe-wide)
    Established presence at the top end of the European arbitration market, with a globally renowned practice in Paris leading the firm’s continental presence. Has a diverse caseload covering investment, construction and business-related arbitrations, including notable recent activity with clients in the energy sector. . . Strengths: Clarity of advice. ‘This is an excellent team - the lawyers are extremely clear and structured, and not overly adversarial in their approach.’
  • Chambers Global 2014 – International Arbitration (Europe-wide)
    Universally recognised as a world-leading arbitration lawyer, Emmanuel Gaillard acts on the most substantial and complex disputes across the European market from his Parisian base, drawing praise for the ‘brilliance and punch’ of his high-profile arbitration work. Recent investment case highlights include representing the Republic of Lithuania in three substantial gas price review arbitrations against Gazprom, under ICC, Permanent Court of Arbitration and SCC rules. He is widely renowned for the vast expertise he utilises when sitting as an arbitrator on major disputes.
  • Chambers Global 2014 – International Arbitration (Africa)
    A standout reputation for extensive and long-running work on major disputes in North Africa. The team handles investment treaty arbitrations and other disputes in the energy and telecommunications sectors. Clients include both African companies and international clients involved in the region. Strengths: Market standing. ‘One of the main players on the state side.’ Market-leading arbitration lawyer Emmanuel Gaillard leads the practice. He is lauded by commentators and numerous interviewees recommend his experience in arbitration and knowledge of doing work in North Africa, especially Algeria.
  • Chambers Global 2014 – International Arbitration (France)
    Star practitioner Emmanuel Gaillard receives superb feedback both as a counsel and arbitrator. Clients say: ‘He’s a great strategist. He doesn’t just do arbitration in a mechanical way, he sees the overall picture and is able to take into account external factors. He has both brilliance and punch.’ Gaillard has long-standing experience of advising North African clients, with a strong focus on Algeria and Egypt.
  • Chambers Global 2014 – Public International Law (Global)
    Highly in demand for its excellent PIL offering, encompassing both advisory and arbitration matters. BIT and Energy Charter Treaty cases are core strengths of the team, in addition to expertise in state succession, law of the sea, international boundaries and UN sanctions. Strengths: Breadth of services. ‘I like that the lawyers have expertise in both civil and common law, which can be very important in arbitration.’ Acted for the Republic of Lithuania on three arbitration proceedings against Gazprom, including two disputes under the Russia-Lithuania BIT. Interviewees describe Paris-based Emmanuel Gaillard as ‘impressive. He’s got extensive knowledge, is able to argue very persuasively and thinks quickly on his feet.’ He has in-depth experience in PIL, representing governments, state-owned entities and companies for over two decades. He is also regularly called upon as an arbitrator. Significant clients: Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Croatia, Sonatrach, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.
  • Global Arbitration Review - GAR 30 2014
    Gaillard for his part is a totemic figure and his team in Paris at 80 people in size probably the largest collection of arbitration specialists under one roof (that figure breaks down as 50 lawyers, seven legal assistants, 20 trainees and five support staff). Together they enjoy the pick of the recruitment market and are one of those shops that seems to serve as an unofficial university for arbitration.
  • Chambers Global 2013– International Arbitration (Global)
    Emmanuel Gaillard is widely-recognised as a ‘superstar’ in the international arbitration world and is a driving force behind the firm's success in this area. He has over 25 years of experience advising multinational corporations, state-owned entities and sovereigns in commercial and investment treaty disputes.
  • Chambers Global 2013– International Arbitration (Global)
    This firm's impressive international arbitration offering is centred around the strength of its practice in Paris. It also earns widespread recognition for its work in Latin America, which is primarily handled by the Parisian team. Examples include representing the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in three ICSID arbitrations brought by various investors. Other significant matters include successfully obtaining a USD2.16 billion award for Dow Chemical in an ICC arbitration against Petroleum Industries following its withdrawal from a planned joint venture with Dow. The team also continues to play a key role in the high-profile USD114 billion Yukos Oil arbitration as counsel to the majority shareholders. . . . Sources say ‘[a]n excellent firm with a great reputation - its arbitration team is one of the best without any doubt.’
  • Chambers Global 2013 – International Arbitration (Europe-wide)
    Emmanuel Gaillard is based in Paris and remains a leading expert in the field, with his incredible wealth of knowledge and experience . . . . He is widely renowned for his involvement in a number of major international arbitration matters, which includes his role as a lead partner in the Republic of Lithuania's arbitration proceedings commenced by Gazprom.
  • Chambers Global 2013 – International Arbitration (Europe-wide)
    This US firm's exceptional standing in Europe largely derives from its outstanding Paris team, with further offices . . . strengthening its reputation as a leading presence in international arbitration matters. The practice is vastly experienced in handling all stages of the arbitration process, with its work spanning areas such as mergers and acquisitions, construction, energy and investment. Significant highlights include representing the Republic of Lithuania in two separate arbitration proceedings commenced by Gazprom, as well as representing the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria as respondent in an UNCITRAL arbitration initiated by Orascom Telecom. Its collection of cases also extends to several other high-profile clients such as Sonatrach, the Dow Chemical Company, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. . . . Sources say ‘[i]t plays a major role in arbitration cases on a worldwide level.’
  • Chambers Global 2013 – International Arbitration (France)
    Practice head Emmanuel Gaillard retains his position as a leader in investment treaty arbitration, with standout knowledge of Eastern Europe and CIS countries. He recently advised Areva on two ICC arbitrations in Stockholm against Teollisuuden Voima Oyj, worth over USD3 billion.
  • Chambers Global 2013 – Public International Law (Global)
    This firm remains a strong contender in the PIL market and is predominantly involved in investment treaty arbitrations, representing both private entities and states. The 11-strong team specialises in various fields, including maritime boundaries, trade and sanctions. It handles a significant caseload consisting of international arbitrations under the Energy Charter Treaty and BITs. Notably, the firm represented the majority shareholders in the highly publicized YUKOS arbitration against the Russian Federation. It also represented the Republic of Lithuania in two arbitrations initiated by Gazprom. The team is routinely called upon by private companies to provide advisory support on international sanctions and state succession matters as well as pipeline projects. . . . Paris-based Emmanuel Gaillard enjoys a strong reputation in the PIL space. Market sources say: ‘He's a genius, and very highly respected - he is a very precise strategist.’


  • Agrégé des Facultés de Droit, 1982
  • University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Ph.D., 1981
  • University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, D.E.A. Criminal Law, 1977
  • University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, D.E.A. Private Law, 1976



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