Donald N. Lamson

Of Counsel

Donald N. Lamson, of counsel and head of the Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory Group in the Washington, D.C. office, advises international banks and financial institutions on bank regulatory and supervisory issues involving derivative activities, capital markets, M&A, changes in control, investments, internal investigations, enforcement and consumer compliance. He also advises various financial market participants on the implementation and impact of the Volcker Rule as well as other aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act. Prior to joining Shearman & Sterling, he spent 30 years at the OCC, the regulator of national banks. Detailed to the Treasury Department, he helped draft the Administration’s proposal for financial reform, which later became the Dodd-Frank Act, including the Volcker Rule.

Selected Experience

  • An international investment bank on the possible disposal of its global fund management businesses
  • Independent directors of JP Morgan Chase in connection with its CIO trading matter
  • Review of consumer laws for a consortium of Latin American banks

External Publications

  • Co-author, “Federal Reserve’s Reserve Requirements on Deposits as Applied to Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks,” Chapter 4, Regulation of Foreign Banks & Affiliates in the U.S., (Eighth Edition, Jun. 2014) (with Bradley K. Sabel, J. Christina Broch, Jamal B. Al-Haj, Jenny Ding)
  • Co-author, “Issuance and Listing of Securities by Foreign Banks and the U.S. Securities Laws,” Chapter 8, Regulation of Foreign Banks & Affiliates in the U.S., (Eighth Edition, Jun. 2014) (with Lisa L. Jacobs, Stuart Fleischmann, Jonathan M. Weld)
  • Co-author, “Nonbanking Activities of Foreign Banks,” Chapter 10, Regulation of Foreign Banks & Affiliates in the U.S. , (Eighth Edition, Jun. 2014) (with Bradley K. Sabel, J. Christina Broch, Jamal B. Al-Haj, Jenny Ding)
  • Co-author, “What European Banks can learn from US Stress Tests,” IFLR (May 29 , 2014) (with Sylvia Favretto)

Media Coverage

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  • Georgetown University Law Center, J.D., 1980
  • Harvard College, B.A., 1977, cum laude


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