Shearman & Sterling has a full-scope Global Nuclear Group. Working with the firm’s world-leading Project Development & Finance Group, with experience under English and New York law, we focus on procurement, construction and financing for nuclear new build, and offer nuclear industry advice on international nuclear law, nuclear liability and nuclear trade issues.

We are well placed to advise clients on nuclear energy-related matters:

  • We have a dedicated group of nuclear lawyers with experience in all nuclear energy-related activities and transactions.
  • Our global team is located in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.
  • Our nuclear lawyers include engineers with technical understanding of nuclear technologies.
  • We have deep experience in nuclear liability, export controls and international nuclear law.
  • Our lawyers work on the most current nuclear new build projects in established and emerging nuclear markets and on the largest international arbitrations in the nuclear sector.
  • We advise on first-of-a-kind projects and transactions and have devised practical, bankable and deal-making solutions.

Our Global Nuclear Group is headed by partner George Borovas, who has 15 years of experience advising the nuclear industry, and our core team includes senior associate Helen Cook, author of The Law of Nuclear Energy (Sweet & Maxwell, 2013).

Transaction Types

  • Development and construction of nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear finance
  • Operations and management
  • Nuclear arbitration and litigation
  • Capital markets
  • Nuclear export controls
  • Nuclear liability
  • Licensing and facility regulation
  • Fuel cycle transactions
  • Public policy
  • International nuclear law
nuclear industry insights

The Forecast for Uranium Demand, Production and Export
The spot price for uranium slowly began to rise in December after historic lows. Analysts remain cautiously optimistic that the price of uranium will continue to rise in 2017. Predicted growth in the demand for uranium continues to drive new exploration and technology. Meeting the predicted demand for uranium, however, is not a simple process given the safety, security, environmental and public health issues. Efforts to mine one of the world’s largest estimated deposits of uranium, at Kvanjefeld in Greenland, illustrate the potential complexity inherent in opening a new mine and exporting uranium. Read more >


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