Making History: International Criminal Justice — Rwanda and Beyond


For 15 years, Shearman & Sterling worked with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) to help prosecute the perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide. As the only law firm with a long-standing association with the ICTR, we tackled ground-breaking legal issues, including the intersection of free speech and incitement to genocide, and played an instrumental role in establishing new law. Throughout our involvement, the firm’s lawyers conducted research, led trial advocacy training programs at the ICTR, participated in trials and worked on appeals alongside the prosecutors.

By the time the ICTR had completed its mandate in December 2015, more than 140 Shearman & Sterling lawyers had volunteered to spend one- to two-month sabbaticals in Arusha, Tanzania, to support the tribunal – an incredibly enriching and meaningful experience for all involved. The firm is very proud to have participated in laying the foundation for a new era in international criminal justice, underscoring our enduring contributions to improving the lives of pro bono clients from virtually every corner of the globe.

Some of our lawyers who participated in ICTR externships in Arusha, Tanzania, share their experiences.

Barbara Edwards


Christopher Glenn

Ali Hassanali


Anthony Marinello

Samara Thomas



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