Shearman And Sterling

Event February 26, 2020

Sharenett’s Consumer Investing Symposium

  • New York

Shearman & Sterling hosted Sharenett’s Consumer Investing Symposium on Tuesday, February 26, 2020 to an audience of family offices and high-net-worth individuals.  Kristina Trauger, partner in Shearman & Sterling’s Capital Markets practice, led a fireside chat entitled “Innovate or Evaporate” with John Nottingham, Co-President at Nottingham Spirk, a leading business and product innovation firm that has developed hundreds of patented products that have generated over $50 billion in sales for industry leading businesses and fast-growth entrepreneurial firms.  The Nottingham Spirk innovation team has co-created award-winning consumer and medical innovations such as SpinBrush, the largest selling powered toothbrush line; Swiffer Sweep+Vac; Club Car Tempo Walk, the world’s first autonomous golf caddie; TecTraum, the first concussion therapy system and Medtronic CardioInsight EC Vue, the first non-invasive electrocardiographic mapping system. Additionally, Nottingham Spirk recently partnered with InvestIndustrial in the acquisition of Jacuzzi Brands to disrupt and re-imagine the hot tub and spa industry.

The discussion focused on Nottingham Spirk’s successful direct co-investment strategy with family offices and private equity partners, its unique “innovation due diligence” process as well as insight on new breakthroughs in product innovation that the firm has in the pipeline.

The Consumer Investing Symposium consisted of additional panel discussions such as “The Current State of Retail – A Disruptive View” and “The Evolution of Direct to Consumer Brands.”

Additional notable speakers included:

  • Alex Yaggy – Senior Vice President of Finance & Operations, ADAY
  • Tal Zvi Nathanel – CEO, Showfields
  • Allison Lee, Founder & CEO, Hemster
  • Pano Anthos – Founder & Managing Director, XRC Labs
  • Chieh Huang – CEO, Boxed
  • David Strasser – Managing Director, Swan & Legend Partners
  • Sarah Flint – CEO, Sarah Flint
  • Gautam Ahuja – GP, Blue Scorpion Investments
  • Brian Tunick – GP, Grand Slam Partners

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