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March 24, 2015

Anderson and Sokenu Publish Article in Directors & Boards


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New York litigation partners Paula Anderson and Claudius Sokenu co-authored an article, titled “How a Skilled Board Should Manage an Internal Investigation,” that was published in the First Quarter 2015 issue of Directors & Boards.

In their article, the authors discuss how boards of directors should manage any material internal investigations to minimize the potential litigation exposure to the company and its board members. Comparing recent investigations involving Wal-Mart and Ralph Lauren, the authors maintain that a board’s response to allegations of misconduct critically impacts the scope and severity of the potential damage. “As the contrasting boardrooms of Wal-Mart and Ralph Lauren illustrate, there is much to be lost in shying away from a robust, independent investigation when warranted by the circumstances,” they say.

Read the article by Anderson and Sokenu in Directors & Boards.

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