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December 18, 2015

Garry Authors IFLR Article on Health and Wellbeing


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Partner Kristen Garry (Washington, DC-Tax) authored an article on Health and Wellbeing at Shearman & Sterling as part of the IFLR Women in Business Law Group’s Best Practice Series on Inclusiveness. While perks like complimentary gym memberships have long been pillars of premium employee benefits, in recent years the focus has broadened significantly. Firms are wising up to the fact that fit, healthy and fundamentally happy employees are essential to the success of a business.

Garry notes the variety of resources available to firm employees, but stresses that, “When it comes to health and wellbeing, people need to be reminded that even small changes to their perspective and routine can generate positive results.”

View IFLR Women in Business Law’s Best Practice Series: Health and Wellbeing.

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