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September 30, 2016

Privacy and Cybersecurity Checklist When Designing a Family Office


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As family office executives set up a family office or review an existing family office, it is important to make sure the privacy and cybersecurity concerns are addressed and the governance and information security infrastructures are set up to get it right from the start.  Working with a family office means personalized and tailored services are delivered that take into consideration a family’s entire situation, including their assets, liabilities as well as wealth transfer, intergenerational and philanthropic objectives. Thus, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of not only the financial and wealth management decisions but also the personal information, goals and preferences of the underlying family are of utmost importance.  Family offices can establish privacy and cybersecurity controls that proactively mitigate risks related to cyber attacks and implement incident response playbooks that help families plan ahead in the event of a breach.

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