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February 01, 2017

Strauss Authors Article, ‘Using a Preferred Mortgage Structure for Cash-Out Refinancings’


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Counsel Peter A. Strauss (Real Estate-New York) wrote an article for the February 2017 issue of Real Estate Finance & Investment titled, “Using a Preferred Mortgage Structure for Cash-Out Refinancings.” In this article, Strauss discusses a non-conventional way to structure a “cash-out” refinancing that will allow savings on title premiums in New York State. He explains that achieving such a savings requires a “recycled entity” rather than a “drop down” and a first mortgage/second mortgage structure rather than a consolidated mortgage.

Real Estate Finance & Investment provides coverage of the latest news, analysis and commentary on the trends and issues affecting US commercial property and capital markets and the legal and legislative issues that are affecting the industry.

View full article, Using a Preferred Mortgage Structure for Cash-Out Refinancings.