Event November 03, 2016

The Banking Revolution - Innovation, Regulation and Consumer Choice

  • London
Barney Reynolds (London), partner and head of the global Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory Group, spoke at the Chatham House’s conference titled “The Banking Revolution - Innovation, Regulation and Consumer Choice” on November 3 in London.

The conference focused on critical issues facing the banking sector including the effect of Brexit and the new competitive landscape driven by innovation, Fintech and changing consumer expectations.  Reynolds was on the panel “Brexit: Implications for the Banking Sector” which looked at how steps towards the UK’s exit from the European Union will affect the banking sector, with a specific focus on regulatory challenges. 

The session was moderated by Sharon Bowles, Non-Executive Director, London Stock Exchange Group and Chair, Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, European Parliament (2009-14), and the ministerial address was given by Simon Kirby MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, UK.  Other panelists included Miranda Carr, Senior Analyst and Head of Chinese Thematic Research, Haitong Bank.