Event November 27, 2018

Hong Kong: American Chamber of Commerce

  • Hong Kong

Associate Caitrin McKiernan (Hong Kong-Litigation) moderated a panel at the American Chamber of Commerce with Tesla’s Denise Ho, Deputy General Counsel and Head of Legal, APAC, and Jon Shaman, Vice President of Consilio, on the “The WeChat Effect: Understanding the Compliance Risks of Mobile Messaging and Social Media Apps.”

The panel discussed the following:

  • Key compliance risks associated with instant message and social media apps, and what controls may be effective in reducing those risks
  • The pros and cons of allowing employees to use WeChat and similar apps in day-to-day communications
  • The forensic difficulties in obtaining information transmitted via these apps
  • The regulatory and enforcement implications of using these apps and recent guidance from regulators
  • How to harness instant messaging and other mobile technologies for enhanced compliance monitoring


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