Event June 04, 2020

Shari’ah Compliant Investment in Real Estate in the US

  • Webinar

On June 4, 2020, partners Kris Ferranti and John L. Opar, and associate Jonathan Y. Newman presented as panelists on the Strafford Live CLE webinar titled “Shari’ah-Compliant Investment in Real Estate in the United States.” The panel discussed the types of real estate investments that are well suited for Shari'ah-compliant investing and provided an overview of how these investments are typically structured.  Their overview included a review of several of the forms of contract which are used to implement Shari'ah-compliant real estate investments. They also discussed the role of Islamic jurists in structuring investments and the due diligence jurists and counsel conduct to assure compliance with the tenets of Shari'ah.

Watch “Shari’ah-Compliant Investment in Real Estate in the United States” on-demand.



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