Event November 30, 2021

Shearman Women Webinar: Is Imposter Syndrome Even Real?

  • Webinar

Shearman & Sterling hosted the webinar “Is Imposter Syndrome Even Real?” on November 30, 2021.

The session discussed “imposter syndrome,” also known as perceived fraudulence, which has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. Many high-achieving people struggle with the feeling that their success is somehow a mistake, rather than a deserved result of their hard work—a phenomenon which has been said to disproportionately affect women.  This fireside chat asked:  “How valid is that claim?”

The speakers discussed why the concept of “imposter syndrome” should be scrutinized and shared their advice for anyone who may be questioning his or her success.


  • Sara N. Raisner, Counsel – Shearman & Sterling, Currently on Secondment
  • Ewa M. Abrams, General Counsel – Kering Americas

Watch the replay of “Is Imposter Syndrome Even Real?”: