Event April 28, 2021

COVID-19 and the Direct Lending Market Panel

  • Webinar

Shearman & Sterling was pleased to sponsor Refinitiv LPC’s Spring 2021 Middle Market, Direct Lending & Large Corporate Loans Virtual Conference.

Shearman & Sterling Finance partners Gus Atiyah and Michael Chernick, as well as panelists Stephen Wollman from Deutsche Bank, Jeffrey Rabel from Intermediate Capital Group plc, Scott Cullerton from KKR, Charlie Riceman from Varagon and Jamie Brodsky from Riverstone Credit Partners had a lively panel discussion on “COVID-19 and the Direct Lending Market.”

Topics discussed included:

  • Twelve months later, what is the state of the market?
  • Is the direct lending market converging with the BSL market? Are there limits?
  • Complement or replacement to traditional loan market: Where does direct lending go from here?