Event June 10, 2021

APAC Hydrogen Association Webinar Series 2021: Structuring Hydrogen Projects

  • Webinar

Hydrogen is set to transform from fringe fuel to a mega-billion industry, and with green hydrogen offering to almost entirely eliminate emissions by using renewables, governments, developers and financiers are quickly recognizing its radical potential. Transaction pipelines are growing, but key questions remain over how these projects will be financed. 

Partner Etienne Gelencser (Tokyo-Project Development & Finance) joined a panel discussion titled “Structuring Hydrogen Projects”, co-hosted with APAC Hydrogen Association, Development Bank of Japan and Engie on June 10. During the webinar, the panelists discussed the following topics:

  • How financing of hydrogen projects differs vs. other forms of energy projects, what financing structures are available, and what the different sources of funding are.
  • An overview of risks and challenges which are raised in the context of financing hydrogen projects.
  • How these can be overcome and to what extent policymakers can play a part in this with a particular focus on Japan.


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