Event July 28, 2021

Family Office Webinar: NFTs – Investment Opportunities in Emerging Digital Assets

  • Webinar

Shearman & Sterling was pleased to host the latest installment of our Family Office Webinar Series on July 28, 2021, “NFTs – Investment Opportunities in Emerging Digital Assets.” The discussion was led by Donna Parisi, Global Head of Finance and Head of the Family Office Group at Shearman & Sterling, with Vanessa Grellet, Head of Portfolio Growth at Coinfund. Coinfund is an investment firm focused on venture and liquid opportunities within the blockchain sector with an emphasis on digital assets and decentralization technologies.

This was the fourth installment of our family office webinar series focusing on digital asset investing. The program discussion focused on how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are being used to commodify a broad range of unique tangible and intangible items in art, music, sports, gaming and virtual real estate, key drivers for the rapid growth of the NFT marketplace, potential legal concerns that NFTs raise and their role in ushering in the next era of the digital economy.

View replay of “NFTs – Investment Opportunities in Emerging Digital Assets.”