Event July 08, 2021

Safeguarding Investments in Germany

  • Webinar

Germany has recently further tightened its rules on foreign direct investment. The new regulations came into force on May 1, 2021 and are expected to significantly impact cross-border M&A transactions by requiring mandatory foreign investment filings over a wider range of activities and industry sectors. 

In the webinar on July 8, partners Li Chen (Beijing/Hong Kong-Mergers & Acquisitions) and Florian Harder (Munich-Mergers & Acquisitions), counsel Mathias Stöcker (Frankfurt-Mergers & Acquisitions) and SINO-CEEF Capital’s Investment Director, Tereza Scheffel provided their insights on the following key topics:

  • Background of recent expansion of German foreign investment control regime
  • Expanded catalogue of relevant target activities 
  • New 20% threshold for mandatory notifications
  • New thresholds for incremental share acquisitions
  • Acquisition of “atypical control” may trigger foreign investment review
  • Impact of new rules on cross-border M&A transactions

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