Event February 08, 2022

Practical Tips for the 2022 Proxy Season

  • Webinar

Jai Garg and Erika Kent hosted a more thorough discussion of our recent Proxy Quick Reference Guide—our annual consolidated resource aimed at eliminating proxy season pain points. They highlighted themes from the 2021 proxy season and developing trends to consider when preparing for the 2022 proxy season. They also provided practical tips relating to common questions faced when preparing proxy statements. Among other items, Jai and Erika shared best practices relating to:

  • How an increased focus on climate change and DE&I impacts your company’s proxy statement
  • New and potential future changes in disclosure rules, applicable regulations and guidance that public companies should consider for the upcoming proxy season
  • How you can respond to the rapidly changing proxy statement “best practices”

This discussion was intended to be helpful to you as you think about preparing your company’s proxy statement.

Read our 2022 Proxy Season Quick Reference Guide.