Nachrichten April 20, 2017

Elborai Featured in ‘Voice of Experience’ Profile on The Glass Hammer

Partner Marwa Elborai (London-Capital Markets) was featured as a "Voice of Experience" on The Glass Hammer, an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business.

“Be confident in your own skills and experience and don’t be shy about speaking up,” says Marwa. She notes that it’s a skill that comes with experience and adds that to advance your career it’s important not to be intimidated, but rather to share your views on a matter in order to become the advisor that a client wants to turn to.

She discusses how mentors can help ease the path. One way that mentors helped along the way was in seeing the big picture: As a young lawyer, she finds you tend to be detail-oriented and don’t always take a step back. “You have to realize that your role is not just to pore over documents, but to facilitate an objective and reach a conclusion to achieve a common goal,” she says. “Working closely with mentors helped me develop the skills to look at and focus on the overall transaction and the main material issues.”

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