Nachrichten April 16, 2020

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp.’s $300 Million At-The-Market Program

Shearman & Sterling represented BofA Securities, Inc., BMO Capital Markets Corp., RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Scotia Capital (USA) Inc. and the several other sales agents, in connection with the commencement of Wheaton Precious Metals Corp.’s At-The-Market Equity Program to sell its common shares, no par value, having an aggregate offering price of up to $300 million (or the equivalent in Canadian dollars determined using the daily exchange rate posted by the Bank of Canada on the date of sale).

Wheaton is the world's premier precious metals streaming company with the highest-quality portfolio of long-life, low-cost assets. Its business model offers investors commodity price leverage and exploration upside but with a much lower risk profile than a traditional mining company. Wheaton delivers amongst the highest cash operating margins in the mining industry, allowing it to pay a competitive dividend and continue to grow through accretive acquisitions. As a result, Wheaton has consistently outperformed gold and silver, as well as other mining investments. Wheaton creates sustainable value through streaming.

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