Nachrichten May 01, 2020

Paul Epstein and David Ullman Quoted in Inframation News

Partner Paul Epstein and associate David Ullman (both New York-Project Development and Finance) were quoted in the article titled “Water Infrastructure Legislation Could Boost WIFIA Program” in Inframation News. The article highlighted two bills recently proposed in the U.S. Senate that would authorize up to $17 billion for water infrastructure programs.  Among other things, the bill proposes to reduce the number of credit ratings required for Water Infrastructure Financing and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loan closings from 2 to 1 ratings. “With interest rates now so low, cutting expenses further by requiring only one rating letter could make the WIFIA loan program even more attractive to borrowers,” said Paul Epstein. David Ullman also commented on the legislation saying, “The last water resources bill Congress passed in 2018 was approved with little opposition. However, the proposed 2020 bill is still in the early stages, and will likely be changed to some degree.”

Read “Water Infrastructure Legislation Could Boost WIFIA Program.” (Subscription required)

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