Nachrichten October 20, 2022

Shearman & Sterling Once Again Named Mansfield Certified Plus for Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Global law firm Shearman & Sterling has received 2022 Mansfield Plus Certification by Diversity Lab after successfully completing the Mansfield Rule 5.0 certification program, an initiative through which participating law firms consider at least 30 percent diverse lawyers for top leadership roles, senior-level lateral hiring, equity partnership promotions and participation in client pitch meetings.

Certified "Plus" recognition was awarded to firms that, in addition to considering candidate pools made up of at least 30 percent underrepresented lawyers, have also achieved actual representation of at least 30 percent women, lawyers of color, LGBTQ+ lawyers and lawyers with disabilities in many of the Mansfield Rule categories.

The goal of the Mansfield Rule is to boost the representation of diverse lawyers in law firm leadership by broadening the pool of candidates considered for these opportunities. The Mansfield Rule’s elements and operations are grounded in behavioral science research, including the 30 percent requirement, which researchers have found is the critical mass necessary to disrupt unconscious biases.

“As the Diversity Lab sets the bar for Mansfield Rule certification higher and higher, we at Shearman & Sterling do as well,” said David Beveridge, Senior Partner at Shearman & Sterling. “Ensuring that we are developing a pipeline of diverse and talented people at all levels across our firm has long been a key area of focus for us. Each year, we strive to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace for ourselves and our clients. This strong commitment drives our culture and success. We look forward to continuing our participation in Mansfield as part of our strategy to promote diversity and inclusion within our firm, our industry and the communities we serve.”

Loretta Pearce, Shearman & Sterling's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, said: “We are honored to receive further recognition of our commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive working environment. Diversity and inclusion is a key priority of the firm that has benefited our people, clients and firm culture as a whole. Participation in the Mansfield Certification process highlights our continued commitment to making meaningful progress.”

Shearman & Sterling has also signed onto the next Mansfield Rule iteration, Mansfield 6.0, as it continues to foster long-term inclusion and diversity at the firm. The firm first received Mansfield Rule 3.0 Certification in 2020.

Diversity Lab is an incubator for innovative ideas and solutions that boost diversity and inclusion in law. Diversity Lab has worked with the participating firms to annually measure the outcomes and iterate the program based on those outcomes to ensure the program is moving toward its goal of diversifying firm leadership as inclusively and impactfully as possible.

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