Nachrichten May 02, 2023

Shearman & Sterling Announces a New Parent and Caregiver Mentoring Program

The Parent and Caregiver Mentoring Program is a new initiative that matches expectant and new parents and caregivers with colleagues who also have children or are caregivers. Mentees receive advice and assistance with navigating issues related to parental or family leave, work/life balance, childcare or caregiving, and related issues, while managing professional responsibilities and goals. This program is a joint effort between Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Professional Development.

Additional resources for those at Shearman & Sterling include:

  • Developmental Assistance Program for Parents and Caregivers, a research-based program that supports families raising children of any age with learning, social or behavioral challenges or developmental disabilities - regardless of their diagnosis
  • Access to a nationwide network of high-quality care solutions for children and adult family members when regular care arrangements break down
  • An individual assistance program that gives around-the-clock assistance to help alleviate the pressures of managing everyday work, family, and personal responsibilities
  • Complete feeding support including domestic milk shipping, virtual and on-demand pumping and lactation consultants, private spaces within our offices, and milk nutrition testing
  • A networking group that allows parents and caregivers to connect, share information and resources and create collaborative solutions to challenges facing working families

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