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For 150 years, the team at Shearman & Sterling has built strong and long-lasting relationships with clients around the world by advising on ambitious and precedent-setting transactions and cross-industry matters. This work has established the firm as both a preeminent legal advisor and a savvy business partner. With highly skilled and experienced attorneys in offices around the world, Shearman & Sterling consistently delivers excellent work by prioritizing client impact and success.


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150 Years of Client Impact 

For 150 years, Shearman & Sterling has been committed to forging long-term relationships with clients by providing them with genuine insight, practical advice and steadfast support as they navigate the challenges of a changing global economy. As an elite firm of choice worldwide for the most complex and high-value transactions, disputes and advisory work, we take pride in our traditions of client impact, service and collaboration. As we look to the next 150 years, we remain dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for our diverse range of clients and continuing to evolve our distinguished workplace culture.

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150 Years of Service 

For 150 years, Shearman & Sterling has engaged our communities with pro bono legal support that stands up for individuals and organizations looking to shape a better world. With each matter we take on, we aim to solve the problem at hand and go further, contributing to legal precedent that, over time, can provide access to justice for all. By selecting pro bono opportunities from a carefully curated list and dedicating themselves to work with the same determination and skill they apply to all client cases, our attorneys have an outsized impact on how the law protects the people who need it most. Additionally, our Global Corporate Social Responsibility Group regularly organizes volunteer opportunities for all employees to engage with and affect change in their local communities.

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150 Years of Collaboration 

At Shearman & Sterling, we work hard to continually foster a culture of collaboration that benefits our clients and our communities. We have a long history of leveraging cross-practice expertise to provide our clients with valuable legal insights that help them achieve their goals. Our ability to work together on complex solutions comes straight from our workplace culture, which intentionally values diversity and equity and promotes our employees' professional and personal growth.