Shearman And Sterling

Event March 15 - 18, 2020

2020 SIFMA Compliance And Legal Society Annual Seminar

  • Orlando

Adam Hakki (New York-Litigation), Global Managing Partner and Global Head of the Firm’s Litigation Practice and Disputes Unit, is a faculty member at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Compliance and Legal Society Annual Seminar on March 15-17 in Orlando, Florida. The faculty at the seminar included prominent litigators, government regulators and in-house litigation personnel at major financial institutions.

Adam spoke on a panel titled “Civil Litigation Updates: Securities Class Actions and Other Major Civil Cases.” The program covers the following topics:

• The Changing Securities Litigation Landscape : Event-Driven Litigation, Code of Conduct Breaches, etc. (CBS, Signet and Others)
• State Court and Evolving State Law Landscape — Life After Cyan, SLUSA and Delaware Fiduciary Law Developments (Section 220 Demands, Del. Sup. Ct. Sciabacucchi decision, etc.)
• Extraterritoriality Issues Continue—Toshiba, Madoff, Morrison and Collective Proceedings outside the U.S.
• Impact of Past Supreme Court Decisions (Lorenzo, Omnicare, Halliburton) and Cases Pending Before the Court (IBM v. Jander, Liu v. SEC)
• Update on Cartel/Collusion Litigations: Class Certification (FX and Implications for Financial Products Antitrust Litigation, Price Maintenance Theory in Securities Cases


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