Shearman And Sterling

Event March 06, 2020

Shearman & Sterling and NYC FinTech Women Celebrate International Women's Day

  • New York

Shearman & Sterling and NYC FinTech Women celebrated International Women’s Day on Friday, March 6. The event took place in Shearman & Sterling’s New York office and featured a fireside chat with Anita Bhatia, the Assistant Secretary General and Deputy Executive Director of UN Women. The discussion highlighted the work of UN Women, how the organization works with the private sector and how the FinTech community can support their mission. 

Following the fireside chat, the event also included a panel discussion, and its participants included:


  • Donna Parisi, Global Head of Financial Services and FinTech, Shearman & Sterling 


  • Nicky Goulimis, Co-Founder and COO, Nova Credit
  • Catherine Martin, Director, OakNorth
  • Annelise Osbourne, Board of Advisors, RS Metrics
  • Tejal Mody, Managing Director, Rabobank 

The panel featured an engaging discussion on how new and innovative technologies are ushering in the next generation of FinTechs that are disrupting the status quo in financial services.  The panel also focused on democratization of financial products, product differentiation and FinTech industry trends for 2020. 

In line with this year’s theme for International Women’s Day, “Each for Equal,” the panel also highlighted gender diversity in the FinTech space, and how women in traditional financial services who are interested making the jump can best position themselves for a career transition to FinTech.

Watch our recap video from the event:


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