Shearman And Sterling

Event April 30, 2020

COVID-19 Insights Series: A Regional Perspective – Asia

  • Webcast

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought Asia’s economic growth to a halt for the first time in 60 years, with different parts of the region experiencing different stages of the pandemic.  This multifaceted discussion featured panelists Lorna Chen (Hong Kong-Investment Funds), Anna Chung (Seoul-Project Development & Finance) and Toshiro Mochizuki (Tokyo-Capital Market), as they addressed how Asian businesses are responding to present challenges and the outlook for recovery. Anthony Patten (Singapore-Project Development & Finance) moderated the panel.

 Topics covered included:

  • How different countries in Asia are managing their pandemic response and the various approaches being adopted to re-opening their economies
  • How deal activity levels in the region have been affected and businesses have adapted to conducting deals
  • Opportunities and investment trends that are likely to emerge
  • Will Asia lead the way forward for a post-pandemic recovery