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Event June 23, 2020

Webinar: Hong Kong's Limited Partnership Fund Regime

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Hong Kong's Limited Partnership Fund Bill gazetted on March 20, 2020 introduces a new investment structure for private funds. The Limited Partnership Funds regime, together with the anticipated tax concession for carried interest is a key milestone towards building a broader asset and wealth management ecosystem in Hong Kong. 

Asia Regional Managing Partner and Head of Greater China Lorna Chen joined a panel discussion titled “Hong Kong's Limited Partnership Fund Regime” on June 23. Together with other seasoned experts from Hong Kong Monetary Authority and PwC, the session covered the following topics:

  • Legal framework of Hong Kong Limited Partnership Funds
  • How the Hong Kong regime compares with the limited partnership regime in the Cayman Islands and Delaware
  • Comparison of Hong Kong and Singapore fund structures from operations, taxation and regulatory perspectives

Watch  Webinar: Hong Kong's Limited Partnership Fund Regime.” 

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