Shearman And Sterling

Event July 09, 2020

Family Office Asset Allocation Perspectives – A Look Forward

  • Webinar

The Shearman & Sterling Family Office Group held a discussion with Rael Gorelick, partner and Chief Investment Officer at Biltmore Family Office, led by Private Client partner Anna Salek about how family offices increasingly have to navigate the complexities of the unpredictable environment that we are currently in.

COVID-19 has not only impacted the health and well-being of our society, it has also had a direct impact on global markets and businesses, including the strategic, operational and regulatory models that support family offices. This discussion will focus on the current state of the market and will identify the opportunities family offices have during the current global health situation. We examined the fiscal and monetary response to the disruption and discuss the implications for global investment going forward.

Biltmore Family Office (BFO) is a collaborative family office, operating as an independent SEC-registered advisor to investment-orientated multi-generational families. Its mission is to foster collaboration between the intellectual capital of the families they serve and to provide the best investment, wealth planning, and family office advice available. The BFO culture and structure support the development of long-lasting partnerships between family clients, partners and professionals.