Shearman And Sterling

Event August 20, 2020

Roll of Thunder: Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility & Responsible Investing

  • Webinar

Partner Doreen E. Lilienfeld, Global Head of the Governance & Advisory Group, moderated a panel discussion on August 20, 2020, at noon ET, about how businesses and institutional investors are helping create a transformative impact through CSR with an eye on short- and long-term success. The urgency for business leaders to practice greater corporate responsibility around risk mitigation, talent recruitment, cost-savings, and public relations is merely the opening lap of a broader leadership journey to “do right” by one’s customers, employees and stakeholders and promote a healthy corporate ethos. She and the panel offered important, practical, and timely guidance on how corporate social responsibility is defined in our current reality and why it is important for corporations to adopt practices of social responsibility at this particular time.

Watch "Roll of Thunder: Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility & Responsible Investing."