Shearman And Sterling

Event January 07, 2021

Zippy Point’s “Proxy Season Spectacular”

  • Webinar

Partners Gillian Emmett Moldowan (New York-Compensation, Governance & ERISA) and Richard Alsop (New York-Capital Markets) participated in a conference entitled “Proxy Season Spectacular,” hosted by Zippy Point, an online provider of educational videos for those in the corporate & securities law, corporate governance and E&S fields. 

Gillian, Kristina and Richard spoke on a panel entitled “The Latest “Proxy Season” Disclosure Trends For The Top 100 Companies” and shared insights relating the proxy disclosure trends, including the interplay between executive compensation and ESG, the rise of social bonds and how human capital management has become material to shareholders. Gillian also spoke on a panel entitled “How To Handle “Human Capital Management” Disclosure” and shared insight on the SEC’s new position in regards to human capital management disclosures, specifically with respect to where the disclosures will be made, how human capital will be tracked and measured and the new ways of presenting human capital management.

Watch “The Latest “Proxy Season” Disclosure Trends For The Top 100 Companies.”

Watch “How To Handle “Human Capital Management” Disclosure.”