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Event August 19, 2021

Will Low-Carbon Hydrogen Be The Silver Bullet In APAC?

  • Webinar

Partner and leader of the firm’s Global Hydrogen Industry Team Dan Feldman moderated a panel discussion titled “Will low-carbon hydrogen be the silver bullet in APAC?” co-hosted by Shearman & Sterling and the Climate Council on August 19, 2021. Together with other seasoned experts from AP Ventures, CNIC, HDF Energy, IFC and InterContinental Energy, the session covered the following topics:

  • What are governments and regulators doing about low-carbon hydrogen in the region?
  • What policies do investors, clean energy players and utilities need?
  • How can international investors enter the market?
  • What is the role of low-carbon hydrogen in heavy industry and transport? How to ensure supply and demand are stimulated?


  • Michelle Robson, Associate, AP Ventures
  • Fangfeng Xiao, Investment Director, CNIC
  • Mathieu Geze, Vice President Asia, HDF Energy
  • Michael Sheng, Principal Investment Officer, IFC
  • Philip Jones, Commercial Director, InterContinental Energy

View replay of “Will low-carbon hydrogen be the silver bullet in APAC?”


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