Shearman And Sterling

Event February 16, 2022

‘Big Tech’ and the Antitrust Paradigm Shift

  • Webinar

Competition laws are facing a paradigm shift as antitrust enforcers, courts and legislators grapple with “Big Tech.” While the focus is “Big Tech,” the implications of regulatory developments are being felt across all markets.

Global Antitrust Practice Group Leader and Head of the Washington, D.C. Office David A. Higbee, Antitrust partners Djordje Petkoski and Ryan Shores spoke at the webinar titled ‘“Big Tech” and the Antitrust Paradigm Shift’ on February 16. During the session, they discussed recent U.S. antitrust policies and regulatory developments and explored how the trends may affect Japanese companies. This event was moderated by Asia Regional Managing Partner and Head of Tokyo Office Masahisa Ikeda and Tokyo partner Kana Morimura.

Topics included:

  • Antitrust priorities and developments under the Biden Administration
  • Recent developments in Federal and State antitrust legislation
  • Areas of focus and potential change
  • Case studies



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