Shearman And Sterling

Event April 27, 2023

Kayo Conference Series: Women’s Renewable Energy Pop-Up

  • New York City

Shearman & Sterling sponsored and hosted the Kayo Women’s Renewable Energy Pop-Up on April 27, 2023, in New York City.

Private Equity partner Sarah McLean sat down with Ramya Swaminathan, CEO of Malta, for a fireside chat to discuss how Malta is on a mission to unlock long-duration energy storage on a grid-scale. Sarah and Ramya also discussed how Malta is transforming the power generation that is needed to address grid instability as well as the outlook for net zero, among other topics.

A reception followed the programming in the Shearman & Sterling conference center.

About Kayo

Kayo currently curates five annual summits plus virtual events, reaching 2,500 women annually in industries such as private equity, venture capital, ESG, energy and infrastructure, credit and debt, and real estate. We also host pop-up lunches and leadership retreats as a way to tighten our community and create continued networking and personal development opportunities.