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News September 06, 2022

Shearman & Sterling Named Champion of Good in Singapore For Second Year

Shearman & Sterling has once again been named as a Champion of Good for 2022 by Singapore’s National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, following its recognition in 2020. The initiative recognizes organizations that are exemplary in doing good and have also been a multiplier by engaging their partners and stakeholders on a collaborative journey.

The firm’s corporate giving program in Singapore has been driven by the Singapore office’s sustainability committee comprising a gender-balanced group of volunteer lawyers and staff including Bilyana Belcheva, Chloé Vialard, Dimitrios Katsikis, Kyle Koh and Neela Ramanathan. The sustainability committee has developed several programs that have created long-term partnerships with the beneficiary organizations they support.

A key collaboration of the group has been the partnership between the firm, Star Shelter of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations (one of the four domestic violence shelters in Singapore) and AIDHA (an award-winning charity that offers courses to low income residents in Singapore). This on-going initiative empowers residents of Star Shelter to achieve economic independence through a tailored financial empowerment program based on AIDHA’s curriculum.

“Our sustainability committee forms a key part of our firm culture. It is a collaborative and horizontal forum which engages all our office staff, both legal and non-legal, in initiatives that are reflective of the values of our firm and its people, including the promotion of equality and the protection of the environment. Our philosophy is to seek opportunities to create long-term partnerships to serve our community so as to make a lasting contribution, and build – year on year – on our programs. We are very committed to continuing to do so, and the Champion of Good award – which we are very honored to receive for the second time in a row – will further galvanize our resolve.” said Jean-Louis Neves Mandelli, Project Development and Finance Partner and Head of Singapore Office.

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