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March 24, 2020

Video: Barney Reynolds Interviewed by Ian King Live on Sky News


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Partner Barney Reynolds (London-Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory), was interviewed by Ian King Live on Sky News following the release of his latest paper Managing Euro Risk: Saving Investors from Systemic Risk. In the live interview, Barney highlights how the U.K.’s departure from the European Union exposes systemic flaws at the heart of the Eurozone.

In his latest paper, together with Cass business school professor and economist David Blake and international bank accounting and financial analysis consultant Robert Lyddon, Barney demonstrates how hidden systemic flaws in the EU’s financial system have the potential to trigger a global financial crisis. He calls for Brexit negotiators to strike an agreement – based on ‘Enhanced Equivalence’ - which allows the U.K. to continue to protect the global financial system from the inherent problems of Eurozone debt. Barney first proposed enhanced equivalence in detail in  "A Template for Enhanced Equivalence: Creating a Lasting Relationship in Financial Services Between the EU and the UK," Politeia, July 2017. It was subsequently adopted by the U.K. government, forming the basis of its proposed model for UK – EU trade in financial services post-Brexit.

Partner Barney Reynolds Interviewed by Ian King Live on Sky News










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