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December 09, 2021

Connecting Green Hydrogen


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On December 7-8, 2021, people from all over the globe gathered in Australia for Connecting Green Hydrogen Asia-Pacific 2021, a conference that provided a platform for more than 600 regional thought leaders from both public and private sectors to collaborate on critical issues and opportunities harnessing hydrogen for future use.

The first panel on December 7, was titled “How to Expedite Hydrogen Economy: Creating Infrastructure, Policy Framework and Investment” and covered the following topics:

  • Business models – how to invest in future infrastructure for energy, mobility and industry
  • What will it take to encourage and grow demand for green/blue hydrogen?

View replay of the “How to Expedite Hydrogen Economy” session:

The second panel Dan joined, “Green Hydrogen: Accelerate Production & Use of Renewable Hydrogen” took place on December 8 and included a lively discussion focused on ideas for increasing the potential of hydrogen:

  • Initiating hydrogen business within unique sectors
  • Removing limitations of hydrogen business through various methods
  • Discovering feasible opportunities in existing hydrogen industry

View replay of the “Green Hydrogen” session:



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