Shearman And Sterling

Event June 11 - Jul 13, 2020

Financial Services Regulation During a Disruption—Current Issues and Looking Ahead

  • Zoom Webinar Series

Shearman & Sterling hosted a weekly webinar series focused on the financial services industry that explored current and forward-looking issues facing the industry as it looks to strategically navigate forward amidst the uncertain environment.

We invite you to listen to these webinars on demand and view the available presentation slides below.

Re-Opening and Extended Remote Work: Considerations for Banks and Broker-Dealers

Date: June 11, 2:00 pm ET

Speakers: Gillian Emmett Moldowan (New York-Compensation, Governance & ERISA), Reena Agrawal Sahni (both New York-Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory)

  • Key considerations for designing a return-to-office plan, including forming a planning team, preparing the workplace physically, compliance with OSHA, EEOC, and CDC guidance, and discussion of liability risks and mitigation strategies.
  • Bank regulatory considerations related to remote work, including supervision, cybersecurity concerns, confidentiality considerations, and state and federal guidance and best practices.
  • Broker-dealer regulatory considerations relating to extended remote work, including state registration considerations, books-and-records considerations of videoconferences, and FINRA guidance on cybersecurity and supervisory best practices.

Watch “Re-Opening and Extended Remote Work: Considerations for Banks and Broker-Dealers.”

View the “Re-Opening and Extended Remote Work: Considerations for Banks and Broker-Dealers” presentation slides.

Current Developments in AML and Sanctions

Date: June 18, 3:00 pm ET

Speakers: Reena Agrawal Sahni (New York-Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory), Katherine Stoller (New York-Litigation), Philip Urofsky (Washington D.C.-Litigation)

  • Even in challenging circumstances, enforcement agencies and regulators have been actively pursuing and settling AML and sanctions related cases
  • This panel will discuss some of the recent settlements, including trends in resolution terms, commitments, and penalties
  • Of particular focus will be cross-border investigations and coordination among regulators, enforcement actions against individuals, and FinCEN priorities
  • In addition, the panel will discuss the regulatory, enforcement and litigation risks for financial institutions around the current pandemic, including after-the-fact scrutiny of lending, monitoring and escalation of potential fraud and money laundering activity

Watch “Current Developments in AML and Sanctions.”

Current Developments in Data Privacy for Financial Institutions, Fintech and Non-Bank Lenders

Date: July 2, 3:00 pm ET

Speakers: Emma Maconick (Menlo Park-IP Transactions), Reena Agrawal Sahni (New York-Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory)

  • How data privacy laws impact financial institutions, fintechs and non-bank lenders
  • California data privacy developments – Will the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) be overtaken by the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)?
  • Privacy issues arising in the response to COVID-19
  • Managing data and information security in a remote working environment
  • Adapting to the continuously changing landscape of data privacy laws and obligations

Watch “Current Developments in Data Privacy for Financial Institutions, Fintech and Non-Bank Lenders.”

Recent Developments in the LIBOR Transition

Date: July 13, 3:00 pm ET

Speakers: Mark Chorazak, Reena Agrawal Sahni (both New York–Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory), Patrick Clancy (Derivatives & Structured Products), and Bradley Ziff (Senior Advisor and Operating Partner–Sia Partners)

  • UK Update: How the transition is carrying on despite the COVID-19 pandemic
  • US ARRC Update: Taking stock of “best practices” and regulatory expectations for key transition milestones
  • Disclosure and Examination Update:  An update on how the SEC is approaching the transition from a disclosure and examination perspective
  • Market Intelligence Update:  An examination of the challenges that financial institutions are confronting while transitioning during a pandemic

Watch Recent “Developments in the LIBOR Transition.”