Shearman And Sterling

Event Jun 25, 2020

Shearman & Sterling Webinar on the Future of Reliable Remote Learning with Area9 Group

  • Webinar

Shearman & Sterling partner Emma Maconick hosted a webinar with Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen, Chief Executive Officer of Area9 Group and one of the world's leading education thought leaders around the future of reliable remote learning. The discussion focused on how well-designed adaptive courses have become powerful tools to support educators in providing a more personalized learning experience, the sustainability of traditional, non-adaptive methods in our current work- and school-from-home environment from home environment, and how adaptive learning in corporate education is the future of employee training. The conversation also touched on global adaptive learning software as a long-term investment opportunity and key drivers affecting the growth of adaptive learning platforms.

Area9 is a group of companies that have grown out of 20 years of research in human factors, learning, product development, content development and computer science. The company develops personalized, adaptive online learning modules for K-12 learners, higher education students, and corporate professionals to be trained across the globe.